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Mt Major has become a little like Pawtuckaway for me - good views, relatively close and a good 'training' hike.

Really needed to get out on this gorgeous day, but still not sure how solid my foot would be, so while I really wanted to go

to South Piper, I decided to opt for Major. 

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Plus, I thought the lake would be a nice deep Spring blue.

I confess to most of the time preferring solitude; I'm perfectly fine seeing no other hikers all day.  But every once in a while I develop a desire for spectacle ...  so I had another reason to go up Major today.

Unfortunately I got a little tied up in some work; I got to the parking lot a bit later than planned.

I was unsurprised to see cars overflowed out onto the highway; 20 deep on both sides of the road and on both sides of the parking lot was a bit more than I'd expected, though.

A quick cruise thru the lot ... nope, no empty slots from recent departures.  I hate parking on the road.

Hmm ... off to an alternate spot ( secret ... shhhhh   wink).

So, out of the car, up the trail. A tiny bit of snow spotted occasionally off trail, otherwise completely clear of ice/snow. And not all that wet.

Passed a few people on the way ( not that it's a race, but very gratifying for a FOM recovering from foot trouble laughing ), reached the ledges and went on up the rest of the way to the summit.

The summit did not disappoint. The views on this lovely day were fine, and the summit was full of people. And dogs. Everyone was getting along, though.  Multigenerational, multi ethnic & international crowd. I really like that our little state draws visitors from Macedonia, India, New Jersey ...  

It looked like most people think that Major is like going to the local park in town, though...  there's a message to the fact that a man had to walk thru the crowd calling for a band aid for a little girl.  Major is so easy and so popular, people forget to consider they are going a couple miles into the woods.   Or perhaps they just relax and rely in the kindness of strangers. Fortunately that worked today - the bandaid was procured & applied and life went on.

So, enjoy the view and the show for a bit more, take a few pictures, walk back to the car.

Nice to be out walking today!!



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