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Haven't been hiking on Mt Sunapee ( or skiing for that matter ) for years, so out & back along the Newbury Trail to White Ledges sounded kind of interesting.

The distance was as described, about 5.4 miles out & back; the elevation gain was a bit surprising at 2144 ft.  

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Did a little research and came up with these -


The state park map is a better trail map, but the SKRG site provides some parking information.


NOTE - pay attention to the description on the summary page of how to find the trailhead.

Nestled in between Spring yard work and rainy days was a sunny Friday ...

I spent way too many hours trying to find a hike that I wanted to do that was within my still-recovering distance and elevation limits....

After pondering late ( too late ) into the night I hadnt arrived at a conclusion.

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Then came the morning and the realization that i simply needed to choose someplace and go.

Well, alrighty then ....

Saddleback is heavily wooded, although from the air it appears very ledgy.

Given its isolated location , seems like it should have terrific views.

Yet, there are very few references or trail reports around. Mysterious.

This one report covers 4 separate trips spanning the last month or so.

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Figured the parking would be awful at Major and besides I like the back side trails :)

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Lots of people on Major, but very impressed with the general cleanliness and good vibes. One guy playing violin, lots of young parents & kids , including an incredibly cute little girl being taught to walk while holding onto her dad's hiking poles :)

A bit of time on Major, some pics , then off to Straightback Solitude for a little while, then down & home.

Still working on getting back into hiking shape, I've been looking at shorter walks and conservation areas.

Ideally, a few views, some non-road walking some trails and a map ...

The  Epsom Town forest on Nottingham Mountain caught my attention and I started looking at it.

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Hmm, not far away, a map, a trail , some vistas and some ledge ....

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