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I don't hike outside of NH much, not out of ay sense of loyalty, just not interested for some reason.

But I've looked at Mt Agamenitcus from a lot of other peaks and I have heard some positives about it.

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So with a spare afternoon of good weather, I decided to head for Maine.

After spending a few days with plague, I was more behind than usual on some paperwork, so I played catch-up Sat Morning.

I missed the LRCT celebration on Mt Piper, managed to reach the gate at about 2 PM.

It was like driving by Mt Major ... lots of cars !

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Well, it was late, and I decided I wanted a shorter and more solitary hike anyway.

So I drove up the carriage Rd to the top parking lot and walked down the road to the White Trail and headed for the Boulder Trail

Mt Major has become a little like Pawtuckaway for me - good views, relatively close and a good 'training' hike.

Really needed to get out on this gorgeous day, but still not sure how solid my foot would be, so while I really wanted to go

to South Piper, I decided to opt for Major. 

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Plus, I thought the lake would be a nice deep Spring blue.

I've been hearing about the new trail at the end of Reed Rd for a while.

It provides access to the col between E & W Quarry summits on the DR Quarry Trail from Reed Rd, off rt 11A.  

It does not have an official name yet.  I think the BRATTS and SPNHF should sponsor a contest or some sort of event to name it :)

"Reed Rd Trail" is just a little too ... pedestrian?   ;)

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Previously, the only approach to this section of trail was via the Quarry trail itself, coming in from Major or Straightback or the Marsh Crossing or Rand.

So this shortens the access quite a lot.

I do have some qualms about that - it seems like some parts of the range *should* be a little inaccessible, and this section of trail fit that bill pretty well.

Oh well, chalk it up to getting grumpy and set in my ways :)

Working my way back into shape after some winter foot trouble.

Pawtuckaway is always a good place to get back into shape, well, except for bug season anyway.

Good trails, good views. And today, no bugs. And the mud is almost all gone.

Shirtsleeve temps! Sun! Clouds! Blue!
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A goodly portion of Southern NH seemed to agree this was the place to be today.

Cars lined up along Reservsation Road near trailheads or gates ( Tower & Round Pd rd still gated).

But the woods are pretty big; it wasn't crowded, even at the tower.

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