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Spring day on Mt Crawford.

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My son wanted to do a traverse from Jericho Rd gate to Mt Crawford.

Much too ambitious for me!

So we decided to meet in the section of the Davis Path between Crawford and Stairs Col.

 A very nice day, just enough ice left in the shade to require paying attention.

I took a nice fall on black ice on Crawford a few months back, so I was very careful!

Just cold enough to be perfect for hiking !

JUst a nice Spring day for a walk in Pawtuckaway.

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Up and over the South Mountain via South Ridge Trail.

No bugs yet!

There were 6 snippets of trails that I wanted to do today:

Fire Road Trail, 3 sections of the Round Pond Trail, a section of the Mack Ridge Trail, a section of the Round Pond-Mack Trail, and a section of the Round Pond-Piper Link trail.

Uh ... oops ... 7 snippets Smile

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Anyway, I've put these off waiting for cold weather because I mistakenly thought the Fire Rd Trail was an overgrown logging road I saw on a previous hike. I figured if I had to wade thru weeds I wanted to wait for the ticks to be sleeping in the cold.

Today was certainly cold enough, 31 degrees, after 50 degree weather all week, complete with clouds and spitting snow!

I thought there might be some snow on the ground. Was hoping for a few inches of crusty snow.

Instead, the trail was covered in ice, both the Winslow ( used for ascent ) and the Barlow Trails.  

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It was not terribly cold, and was very clear, so I parked at the gate - and immediately had to put on spikes; the road was mostly an ice sheet.

Part 1:

Mt Rowe Trail ( upper section of Blue Trail ) , Ridge Trail snippet, North Spur Trail, GES Nature Trail

Ahh! An early stick season hike on a muggy (!) November day in NH.

The nice thing about stick season is all the leaves are down and the woods seem so much more open.

The down side to stick season hiking is all the leaves are down and everything looks pretty meh after the brilliant foliage.

And on trails that don't get much traffic, with no rain, the leaves are deep and unpacked ... hiding rocks, roots, slippery spots ...

This backpack might have been more useful today than my usual one:

But I managed to shuffle thru the leaves without the blower and without serious incident  :)

Not a lot of views on these trails, and low clouds didnt help much, but I did take a few pics ...

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The trailheads for these trails are widely separated; I parked in the Gilfored Elementary School lot and set out on the Mt Rowe trail in the southeast corner, away from the school.

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